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“Kevin has worked with Alltech at all levels
of our organisation, with management
development,sales managers and sales
people.Kevin impressed us. "
- Aidan Connolly, Vice President
Corporate Accounts, Alltech Inc.
“This high energy programme ran over a 12
month period during which time the
delegates were provided with simple yet
dynamic, practical ideas...."
- Seán Ó Murchú, Director
Private Banking, Bank of Ireland

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PSYCHOMETRIC - DiSC Profiling, Belbin Team Roles

DiSC Profiling

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“An inpidual without information can not take responsibility. An inpidual with information can not help but take responsibility“.
- Jan Carlzon, C.E.O., S.A.S. Airlines

The mistake we quite often make is thinking that we should treat everyone the same way. The reality is that people are different and like to be treated differently. DiSC Profiling can help improve communication, ease frustration and conflict and develop effective managers and teams.

With 30 years of proven reliability and over 40 million users, DiSC Classic Profile remains the most trusted learning instrument in the industry. It is used worldwide in dozens of training and coaching applications, including organisational development and performance improvement.

DiSC can be used to enhance our Sales Training, Management Training, Team Building, Strategic Planning and Communication Skills programmes.

TRANSFORM are certified in the use of DiSC profiling. We can provide and interpret profiles as part of our training initiatives.

DiSC Profiling

 Belbin Team Roles

“A team is not a bunch of people with job titles. It is a congregation of inpiduals, each of whom has a role which is understood by other members. Members of a team seek out certain roles and they perform most effectively in the ones that are most natural to them“.
- Dr. R. M. Belbin

In 1969, Dr Belbin was invited to conduct a 7 year study of team behaviour.

Their findings were that the most successful companies tended to be those with a mix of different people, i.e. those with a range of different behaviours. In fact, eight distinct clusters of behaviour turned out to be distinctive and useful. These were called ‘Team Roles’, and in fact, a ninth based on specialist knowledge was to emerge later. These Team Roles have been used in organisations and teams across the world ever since in team building and development initiatives.

Belbin Team Roles are used in team building to identify people 's behavioural strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. This information can be used to:

• Build productive working relationships
• Select and develop high-performing teams
• Raise self-awareness and personal effectiveness
• Build mutual trust and understanding
• Aid recruitment processes

Profiling can be used to enhance our Sales Training, Management Training, Team Building, Strategic Planning and Communication Skills programmes.

TRANSFORM can provide and interpret Belbin Team Roles Profiling Reports as an part of our training programmes.